Monday, September 5, 2011

The Spinner from Blade Runner

If you were to ask me a movie that best suits a Sci Fi Theme, the first answer off my head would definitely be Blade Runner. I admit I only went to see the movie being an ardent Harrison Ford fan, but I left appreciating the Sci Fi genre even more. When I found out the show was based on the a novel by Phillip K. Dick called "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", I went looking for it and believe me, it was just as good.

Little did I know then that James Edward Olmos was also in that movie (found out much later after the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series). Blade Runner influenced me in a few things, for one ... short hair. Since I saw the movie, I kept my hair really short (except during my college days), and still love it this way to this day. Second was the soundtrack from Vangelis. Dark, eerie and somewhat Gothic. I like.

And lastly, the Spinners. Then I thought those would make awesome police vehicles. I never thought model kits would be made of this and am I glad to be proven wrong. Here are some excerpts from the movie with the Spinners

Nostalgia yar? That was a great movie, and I hear they're going to remake it. I sure hope they don't overkill that movie. It was already perfect in its own way. So, back to the Spinner, here's a couple of image how they moved that thing behind the scene. Would you believe the chassis is that of a car? I didn't really knew that until I researched her.

The Spinner was the creation of Syd Mead, and you can read all about it HERE.

Now onto the kits. Since I only recently started researching her, I'm not really sure what was available in the previously, except for the new kits coming out. One is styrene plastic from Fujimi, and the other, well, you can expect details galore from this one, will be from Randy Cooper.

More about the Spinner kits after the jump.

Here's what you can expect from Fujimi.

The nice thing about styrene plastic kits beside the price, is their simplicity and parts. Clear coloured parts are also provided for the police lights, and looking at the set up here, I wonder if they allow lighting to be incorporated into her. You can preorder the Fujimi Spinner at HobbySearch or HLJ.

Now, if you want a kit that really depicts the Spinner in a much bigger scale with details galore, and if you truly want to stand apart from those other Spinners, then maybe you want Randy Coopers'. His Spinner is still a work in progress and will hit the market soon, but here are some images to salivate your appetite.  

And here's exactly how big his Spinner is going to be. And yes, that's just the main body not calculating the protruding wheel thingy yet.

This should be good seeing they're remaking the movie. I wonder if the Spinner will change in appearance? Well, you know engineers, they love to change things.



  1. oh my... so this is the Spinner i saw in HLJ last couple of days.... sure is tasty bits especially if one were to put a light around the front wheel(?)... remake of the movie? that is something to look forward to.. :)

  2. LOL, you said "I admit I only went to see the movie being an ardent Harrison Ford fan, but I left appreciating the Sci Fi genre even more."
    I did to and by the fact that VANGELIS was the composer of the soundtrack, which in my opinion is the best soundtrack he made, i was a huge fan off Vangelis, Kraftwerk and Jean M Jarre in the 80s. Si Fi was and still is my favorite kind of movies, i went to see B Galactica in the the theaters were in Portugal. But anyway, i went to see Blade Runner and came out like WOOOOOOOOOW. As a teenager by the time i wet to see the movie at least 5 times in 84.

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