Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Battlestar Armour Designs - The Athena, Columbia and Pacifica

I was surfing the net the other day to see if there were anymore designs done for other Battlestars (Galactica's Class) and though I didn't see much, I did find a few designs done up by various parties in the form of Fan-Based concepts, particularly for the Battlestar Columbia, Athena and finally the Pacifica. It was interesting in the sense since the Galactica we saw on TV had exposed ribs on its body surface, indicating a half complete armour on her. This has actually resulted in quite a few debates whether the Galactica was "incomplete" in her overhaul since in the mini series, she was on her way to be decommissioned and to serve her final days as a Museum.

No one thought anything about this until we saw BSG Razor and saw a few Battlestars there with complete armour. We're not sure what those Battlestars are, but I have read somewhere that during the battle, the Battlestar Galactica, Columbia and Solaria was there. It was assumed the Columbia had blue markings. How correct these statements are .. well, its up for debate.

Anyways, since a lot of fans would now have at least have one Moebius Battlestar Galactica kit on hand, the possibility of designing your own armour patterns are endless. Some may even opt to incorporate more radical elements into their designs to get their Battlestars to stand apart from others.

Battlestar Athena

Battlestar Columbia

Galactica's original armour?

An unfinished armour design done by Lee Stringer on an unused model, which reveals the potential extent of Galactica's armour

And for those who wish to emulate Tak Nagayoshi aka tan.j's Battlestar Pacifica armour designs, here are more images for you for reference. His Battlestar Pacifica blog is located HERE . Tak Nagayoshi is from  Ibaraki, Japan, in case you didn't know.

Youtube submissions done by Tak Nagayoshi-san showcase this guy's talents. I'm really impressed with his overall work.

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