Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Battlestar Pacifica - with a Battlestar Columbia Armour Design?

Its not surprising a lot of people wants to build their Moebius Galactica into another variant, one with a full set of armour. The idea came about after fans saw the Battlestar Columbia in "Razor" and despite being destroyed, she was seen with those armours, highlighted in the screen caps below. Besides the armours, she also had blue markings where the Galactica had red.

Its not easy trying to get a good view with these screen caps. Firstly, the lighting and effects makes it hard to make out the fine details, secondly, they pass by so fast the tendency to miss something is there since some of the details look blurry. If only there were official schematics or design plans for the Columbia, that would have made things easy for a lot of BSG Sci Fi Scale Modellers.

But I do have something that may serve this interest just as well. Its a VFX design of the Battlestar Pacifica, done up by someone from .... Japan. His forum nick is "tan.j" and he is quite active at the Scifi-meshes forum. In fact, I'm so impressed with his work, maybe "Lee Stringer" should hire him to work for ZOIC. And just who is the "Stringer"? If you didn't know, he is the man behind most of the VFX designs for the new Battlestar Galactica ships. I'll go more into detail about Lee in another post, but for this one, we touch on the Battlestar Pacifica VFX designs with full armour.

Its the most comprehensive Hi-Res images available that I can find out there, and I believe the closest you will get to the Battlestar Columbia.

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