Friday, November 5, 2010

Updates on my mummy cat - her kittens are still alive.

Remember on 16 Sept I gave my farewell tribute to my pet Nakal and found out its mother cat gave birth to 3 cute kittens? Well, ever since the mother cat moved its kittens away, no one knew what happened to them for a long while, and we all gave them up for missing or dead.

Well, today being a public holiday (its the Indian Festival of Light or Deepavali), I was outside cleaning the porch area when as usual, the mother cat came for her daily petting session. But this time, she brought her kittens. There's only 2 left so I can assume the white one passed on.

Its really a pleasant surprise seeing them. The kittens are still apprehensive with human contact and I plan to keep them that way with the hope they understand not all people are kind to them. Unfortunately Nakal found that out too late. Here's hoping for a good long live for these two.

I'm also hoping my dog would accept these 2 kittens as part of his family. It took a while before the mother cat was accepted and allowed to come into my house compound and share his space. My neighbours always smile whenever they see their coexistence. And I always find it funny when people call me on my handphone when I'm feeding my dog, and they'd hear a cat meowing in the background. I'm always asked what I was doing, and I'd say feeding my dog, and they'll exclaim, "What? You feed cats to your dog??????"  Actually, the dog's food bowl in on the floor while the cat's located on the garbage compartment's cement roof about 3 foot high. They're nearby each other and it helps that the dog didn't like cat food. But mummy cat loves dog food .. hmmmm. 


  1. This is very good news indeed. Brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart.

  2. The grey kitten has gone missing. We looked all over but couldn't find it. Hope its ok