Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finding it difficult to scribe a straight line?

Scribing ... yes, that very word literally sends chill down a lot of scale modeler's spine. I too am a victim and without fail, I have never ever made a scribing error free kit yet. The problem doesn't lie with the scribers used, but more often the apparatus used to guide the scriber. Its not a big problem when you want to re-scribe existing panel lines, but what if you wanted to create new ones?

And when a mistake is done .. do you get frustrated and feel like giving up? I sometimes do.

Check out David W. Angust's article on re scribing panel lines HERE

The first lesson I learned about scribing is that you need the correct tools for the job. That knowledge went down the drain when I found out some "experts" were scribing perfect lines on curve objects using an ordinary X-acto hobby knife and doing it free hand. Don't you just feel helpless when you see that. But don't let that stop you from getting these tools though. They are very handy.

Then I learned that practise makes perfect. At the rate my mistakes are going, its like I'm forever learning. But there is some truth to this.

When I found out these scribers could also be used as tools to cut off pieces off your kit's parts' (and I mean cut off in perfect straight lines or curves), the fear of scribing disappeared altogether for me. Learned that when I was working on my DC-10-30 conversion project. And I found that out when learning to cut styrene sheets using a scriber.

Of course the job of cutting off all those flaps and slats was made easier since all I needed to do was to follow the recessed lines that's already there. I still have a big problem scribing new lines where there is none. I've been using Dymo tapes as a guide.

It worked for a while, but the problem with Dymo tapes is that you can only use each strip once. The moment you tear them off the surface when you're done scribing, the tape gets bent, and no longer sticks well on the next new surface. Another words, very difficult to re-use.

I needed something solid and re-usable, something that could bend along the contours of a curved surface and yet do straight lines That was when I came across these:

Pretty neat huh. Its a ruler made of Copper from SBS Models, flexible, durable and re-usable. I managed to purchase these off Hobbylink Japan. I haven't had a chance to try her out yet, but they do look promising. They? Well, yes, they come in either Metric or Inches.  

Just thought I'd share this handy tool, in case if you're like me struggling with scribing all the time, this could possibly be an answer. No harm trying.

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