Monday, August 8, 2011

Moebius 1/32 scale Mark VII Viper

Finally the wait is officially over. Moebius has released the Mark VII, completing its range of Colonial fighters under the reimagined series for Battlestar Galactica. I myself have been waiting for this baby after seeing test shots of her here and there. Do pardon my rather simplified review of this kit as I am sort of in between things here.

The kits box do seem a little flimsy compared to the Mark IIs and the Galactica, and its contents were packed exactly to the hilt, sparing no empty spaces inside. I got the cockpit PE set from ParaGrafix as well since I want to incorporate a more accurate look for my Mark VII.

Parts were packed in 4 plastic bags, with the upper and lower fuselage in the first, then followed by the engine cowls and pilot in the next, then the detail parts. A transparent display stand is also provided.

If you have bought this kit, don't panic when you see this (circled below). I thought I had a broken parts cellophane taped to the fuselage.

I gently removed the parts to see for myself and with a sigh of relief, the cardboard's purpose was to protect the fragile tip for the wings. That "extra" piece you see there is just a random sprue that somehow got caught in between, and doesn't contribute to the kit's build up. I had thought it was another part until I checked with the forums.

Moebius had this kit molded in grey, which is a nice colour to work on unlike the Mark II which was molded in white. The plastic material used is solid, nice to work on.

Unlike the Mark II, the pilots included with this kit is plastic and gives you the option to build up a male or female pilot. I hope Moebius includes this option in their future Mark II releases as they are easier to work on for a non-pro scale modeler as compared to the original resin pilot kit.

The cockpit tub on the other hand had received some negative reviews. If you look at the tub below, and its lighted build up courtesy of VoodooFX, you can see a simplified cabin control panels.

For more information about the tub design and how to correct her, click HERE

Lastly, the instruction sheet and decals provided are adequate for the job. Moebius includes images in their sheets for easier reference which is a good thing since many have argued over the correct colour choice for the Mark VII. Its not silver guys, but a shade of blueish grey, almost metallic. I'll get into this once I highlight a build report.

Decals also provide more call signs you can use on your kit. Better option. 

I haven't had a chance to build this kit yet, but from what I have observed, the Mark VII is another winner from Moebius. Get yours soon to complete your fighter fleet on board your Galactica.

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