Friday, August 26, 2011

Just got my Complete Battlestar Galactica DVD Box Set

Collected my complete Battlestar Galactica DVD Box Set today - Finally. Had to wait nearly 7 months for these to come in since I had wanted only the originals, and almost gave up on her. The long wait was due to Tower Records' unreliable old distributor, though they are pretty good with helping me get some pretty rare classic TV series from the yesteryear's. Anyway I was informed that their old distributor had went out of business a few months ago, leaving them in dire straights as numerous orders went unfulfilled. So they had to go look for these through a new distributor, or so I was told. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait.

Of course I expected a few DVD box casings when I was told the set comes with 37 Discs, but I didn't expect them to be packaged together in one huge and heavy behemoth box. And I must be really either crazy or obsessed with BSG. My back hasn't completely healed (Yeah, threw my back out on Wednesday and am still on pain killers) and I was adamant on collecting her.

The set itself was sealed and very nice though, but pity it didn't come with little souvenirs like the other box sets. Took me a while to figure out how to open her too, since I didn't want to damage the Set's packaging.

Inside, both the old and re-imagined series were packaged into two cardboard boxes, the old in one and the new in the other, and in order too.

The old series consisted of the complete classic Battlestar Galactica series from 1978 - 1980 as follows:

Battlestar Galactica - The Movie
Mission Galactica - The Cylon Attack
BSG Complete Original Series
A bonus disc - no idea what's in this one yet
And then the dreaded Galactica 1980.

I wasn't particularly fond of Galactica 1980 and had always associated her with Star Trek V The Final Frontier - yeah, it never happened. But I guess being a fan, its good to have a complete set of these. I don't mind watching them all over again, despite the crappy story lines.

And then inside the re-imagined series box set, we have the following:

Battlestar Galactica Mini Series
BSG Season 1
BSG Season 2
BSG Season 3
BSG Season 4 Part 1 and includes BSG Razor (TV Movie)
BSG Season 4 Part 2
Bonus Disk - again no idea yet what's inside this one
BSG - The Plan (TV Movie)

And yes, no surprises here, the moment I got home, did all my house chores and began watching BSG from the beginning again. Already finished the classic movie and Mission Galactica, still have all those TV episodes to go. I plan to screen capture lots of images later as the copies are quite clear.

So if you notice me missing for a while, I'm probably in front of the TV. Thank Goodness for the long holiday next week, all that time to relieve my childhood fave TV series. Oh Frak yeah!

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