Monday, August 22, 2011

Follow up on Yeti Forge Models BSG Hangar Bay Diorama

Wow, I didn't expect so many enquiries coming my way (and a few to Jason already) though I did expect a few feedbacks. My email inbox was innuendoed with FB notifications as well as quite a few questions pertaining to this Diorama kit, abet some of them are asking the same thing. So instead of answering every single one with the same details, I'm listing most of them here in a general manner (I will notify all of you to look here once this post is complete) for everyone's benefit.

*Note: Yeti Forge Models is owned by Jason Fraser, so please don't get confused when I use the name "Jason" intermittently here and there. 

1. How come your blog won't let me post any comments?
I have listed a special page on this. I do not really know why, but from what I have read from the net, I am guessing Google is trying to steer away from Internet Explorer. I myself cannot reply any comments using IE or Mozilla Firefox, but I can when I use Google Chrome. Try using Google Chrome if you still cannot add any comments

2. Will this kit come with other accessories like the Viper's ladder, workstations, tools and other furnishings?
At the current moment, there are talks (between Jason and me) about developing some of the accessories seen on the show, but we will probably not touch anything that has already been done elsewhere. I will create another blog post later on to recap on what's out there and where you can get them.

3. Will there be any figures included in 1/32 scale?
At the moment, no. I'm afraid we're still going to need to modify existing 1/32 or 1/35 scale figures for our dios.

4. Will there be a diorama for this Hangar Bay in 1/48 and 1/72 scale?
I'm sure Jason can help you there since he already have the design layout done in 1/32 scale. Do email him at I'm sure he is willing to help you.

5. Does the kit come with lighting accessories?
The kit will have all the access points available for lighting as far as I know. Best to ask Jason himself if he provides the lighting set as I am doing my own.

6. Will the entire set be made of ABS plastic? Which parts are resin and which part plastic?
Jason has clarified that the kit is made from PVC sheets, while the railings will be in ABS plastic. I'm not sure which parts are resin but I will highlight more on this once I have the kit in hand. 

7. How much will a section cost?
Each section is going to be different. There is that large Hangar Bay section, then the smaller ones with and without a wall ladder, etc. While a price list have been listed at Yeti Forge Model's website, it is best you write to Jason to enquire.

8. Does Yeti Forge Models ship to Japan/Germany/Australia?
I live in Malaysia, that's somewhere in South East Asia. If he can ship to me here, I believe he is able to cater to your own respective countries. Write to him first about the shipping charges since I don't have any information on this.

9. You mentioned a Control Room and Launch Bay. Where is that located and how does it look like?
Good question. You can see the control room and launch bay HERE while the location on the kit is per the diagram below.

Just for everyone's info so you won't mistake the Launch Bay with the Launch Tube, the launch bay is where the Vipers are hooked to the catapult system just like on an Aircraft Carrier, and its side by side with the control room, accessible via a window.

The launch tube is the area where the Vipers are already launching off Galactica. There is a kit of the Launch Tube created by Chris (E=MC2) and highlighted HERE.

10. How is the kit's quality? Are they fragile?
Good questions. I'll let you know once I have the kit in hand.

I'll update this section when I get more new questions, so I hope in the meantime the above is helpful.  

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