Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Acreation Models Holiday Sales for Christmas

Christmas is coming .. hint hint! HAHAHA .... well, at least take this as advance notice to get your Christmas shopping done pronto. There was once about 3 years ago I had wanted to get my wife a special something. She likes owls so I found a shop online that had something she didn't have in her collection. Problem was .. the online shop was in Japan. And everything there was in Japanese. So I wrote the shop early December ... waited for a reply which came back 4 days later in broken English, queried the guy about his shipping methods and gift wrapping .. waited for his reply which came 5 days later, and then realised its mid December. There is no way her present was going to come in time. Suffice to say I got that much much later for her birthday instead, but the anguish, the torment ..... it was hell. I was to blame too for shopping late.

So, with that in mind, here's the question ... Have you shopped for presents for your loved ones yet? Buying yourself a Christmas gift is also acceptable ... just don't tell too many people yar.

OK, let's see what's already available online for Christmas - Acreation Models

Yup, for those who had used Acreation Models' decals, you aleready know about their quality and how realistice the decals are (they're also very accurate, esp with the Star Trek decals).  Acreation Models is having its Holiday Sale now and looking at the prices ...... well, I myself jumped along with the bandwagon and ordered my Battlestar Deluxe Set. The decals in this set are comprehensive as they cover all the rib areas besides the armour unlike the Armour Plate Decal set which only covers the armour areas and Flight Pod Recess.  

Battlestar Deluxe Set

Polar Lights 1:350 Enterprise Refit Aztec Decals V2

Enterprise E Aztec Decals

Go check out his site before its too late. You won't find those prices anywhere else.

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