Friday, December 3, 2010

Your Search for 1/32 Scale Battlestar Galactica Accessories Begins Here

Talk about a small, small world. Recap a little, remember these images below?

They were from my earlier highlights on the New Galactica Launch Rail Diorama Set created by Larson Designs. You can still view that original post  HERE (just a reminder, you'll need to have the Moebius 1/32 Mark II Viper kit to complete the set).

Well, I actually ordered the Launch Tubes as I have plans to do up a huge Hangar Bay Diorama in the not so distant future, complete with the Launch Bays and Launch Tubes in place. In my plans, there would be 6 hangar bays, 3 facing each other, and they would link up to the Launch Bay and Tube. I already have the layout plans from my earlier post HERE, and I wanted to fill the Bay area with as much accurate "accessories" and crews as possible. The bay is suppose to look busy anyway. 

Of course the Diorama will be in 3 parts, first 2 parts consisting of the Hangar Bays and the 3rd piece will be the Launch Bay and Tube .... it has to be in parts otherwise the entire Diorama ain't going to fit through my door. All this plan came up after Moebius announced the Mark II Viper was available, so that was like a few months back.  

Problem now is to see if anyone was going to do a diorama set for the hangar bay and launch bay. I may resort to commissioning someone to cast the bays since I know nuts about casting . Then of course there is the equipments and "accessories" .... its really going to be a challenging project.

In my plans, the Hangar Bays was going to have 3 Mark IIs and 3 Mark VIIs parked within their bays and being maintained by crews. I am really hoping Moebius would come up with a 1/32 scale Raptor later on as that would make for an awesome center piece. The Launch bays would have another Mark II and VII respectively, hopefully the launch bay comes with a control room.

The first accurate accessory I found was the Viper's ladder. I was referred to it by a friend when he saw it at  I wrote in and got a reply from a "Gale Belflower" but the email was signed by "Chris". I didn't think much about it, ordered the ladders and they arrived promptly. Upon closer inspection, I was very impressed with the level of details done on the ladders, and bear in mind, they're tiny, and I dare say its 99% accurate to the tee. May need to get another 3 more since my plans had 6 bays in mind, and the Mark VIIs uses the same ladders.

Then came the Launch Tube. It was like a dream come true. I immediately wrote in to E=MC2 and another "Chris" replied. I didn't think too much about that since ... well, there's got to be like over a billion "Chris" in this world. With my payment sent, and being so impressed with what I saw in the pictures, I asked Chris if I could do an article over his work and future projects, and he agreed and sent me this link.

Whoaaaaaa!!! He's the same guy that sold me the ladder. And after seeing the level of details and quality of his cast for the ladder, I must say I can't wait to receive the New Viper Launch Tube set. That's really just great. A review is definitely in order once I have that kit in hand.

He also included images of another BSG project he's working on - the Colonial Mover. Its a Studio Scale size kit and will be about 4 foot long. And looking at the quality of his earlier mentioned products, I strongly believe Larson Design's Colonial Mover kit is going to blow you away with all its details. This kit will be 99% accurate to the tee. Check out these images :

Impressive. And at that size, you are going to go wild with the weathering effects. To find out more about this kit, please email Chris Larson HERE


On another update, I found another "accessory kit" which I hope to have in my hands before the end of this month. Yup, its the Hangar Bay Tool Cart. You can see her there in the screen cap below.

This Tool Cart kit is at 1/32 scale on par with Moebius Mark II Viper kits, and you can even use it for the TOS Mark I Vipers. She has 7 resin parts, is approximately 2 1/4 in. long and 1 3/4 in high, and comes with JT Graphics decals. Note: The decals are for the New-Galactica hangar deck only. Cost is USD$20.00 and includes shipping within the US.

Unfortunately that "Starbuck" figure is not included .... damn! But you can use the figure for scale comparison. I will do a review on this Tool Cart kit when I have her in hand. In the meantime, I hope Mike aka ClubTepes do not have a problem shipping her all the way to Malaysia.


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  2. The vehicle towing the fighter in the 6th picture is a Raymond OPR. They make small models of some of their vehicles.

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