Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Greeting From Me to You .. All of you

Tis was the night before Christmas
Not a single creature was stirring
Eerie silence encompass all the Universe
No sign of anything dead or living

Scanners detect no laser fights or space pursuits
The sectors are clear, not a single shot prelude
So just where is everybody, gals and dudes
Its like today no one cares or gives a hoot

We scan back to all the relative dimensions
Scanners working overtime, checking section by section
Did some supreme being suddenly come into action
Made everyone scarce with his intervention?

Oh wait, it is the night before christmas
A time to celebrate and fill with fogiveness 
Everyone is busy celebrating the birth of Jesus
Oh Great Joy to all, tidings from within us

The Cylons won't be attacking, they're on a secret mission
They're busy decorating and getting ready for their Christmas season
They are still looking for more WD40 lubricants and pistons
Ain't easy buying a gift for a Cylon, better off cleaning the reactor core system

Words out that the Empire is also taking a long break
The Christmas shopping for the troops started out late
They've already got each one a nice present and cake
But they are having a tough time getting Lord Vader a date

Capt Kirk and Capt Picard are also celebrating
The Enterprise is berthed at Spacedock, parties contemplating
The whole place is decked with lights, music and christmas carolling
And Odo is doing the Pole Dance .. well, he is a changelling (Phew!!)


May the new year bring about health, wealth and prosperity to one and all.

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