Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Kit Alert! Fantastic Plastic's TOS Mark I Viper with Launch Rails

Yeah .. I am back!!! Actually I never left. I wasn't able to post anything for the last few days due to weather gone mad in Malaysia.

The last few days was just crazy. Its the middle of the monsoon season and we are seeing severe thunderstorm practically almost everyday for the whole day, which has resulted in some flooding all over the country, and we're also missing some trees. They weren't blown away, merely toppled over so they had to be removed. Its sad one of those trees killed an innocent motorcylist recently.

My home wasn't spared either and since I live in a lightning prone area, well, whenever I hear the distant rumble, my PC is shut down immediately and phone lines are instantly disconnected. Its either that or bye bye modem and network card. Just want to mention that besides the flooding, I also hate .... the traffic jam from HELL. There ... I feel better now.

So the rain came early today, and tonight's weather is a lot nicer and cooler, which means ... blogging time!

First in my list is a New Kit just released by Fantastic Plastic. Its in 1/72 scale and its a complete diorama with a reasonable price. Its now available at Fantastic Plastic's Virtual Museum Store!

* 1:72 scale
* 35 pieces
* Viper, Launch Bay, Rail and Catapult
* Pilot and 3 ground crew figures
* Clear Vac canopy
* Optional Viper landing gear included
* Sculpted by Alfred Wong
* Cast by MMI
* Decals by JBOT
* Display is 9 inches long when completed

There are currently limited quantities available now for $100.00 plus shipping.

I have made many purchases from Fantastic Plastic and I can vouch for this company as dependable and reliable. The kits are also very well cast and easy to work with. I do have some reservations with vacuformed canopies though. I find them a little ... fragile to work with. Be extra careful when you're trimming those parts and you really need to have a set of steady hands.

I plan to get one myself, but I need to budget my purchases so it looks like this kit will only be joining my stash next year. And at USD$ 100 - its a steal. You're not only getting the Mark I Viper with LANDING GEARS, but an option to pose her in her launch rail with her maintenance staff. With a little bit of scratchbuilding, and perhaps getting 2 or 3 sets, you may even recreate this scene

Yeah .. now lets go kick some Cylon Arse ... woohoo!!

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