Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Variance Images between the Mark VII and Mark VIIE

Some are still in the dark over what the difference are between the BSG Mark VII and VIIE Colonial Vipers. I had highlighted the Mark VII HERE and the Mark VIIE HERE, but I wasn't able to get some better images until recently.

Thanks to Chris Dobbinson's amazing work on the Mark VIIs, we can now see clearer how these two fighter craft can look so much the same, and yet have so much differences.

You can view more of his work at . His specific builds for his Mark VII is HERE and the Mark VIIE is HERE. Just for your information, the Mark VII build is the 1/20th scale resin kit from FM Model Company, while the Mark VIIE is the 1/32 scale resin kit from Timeslip Creations.

The images below compare the Mark VII on the right and Mark VIIE on the left.

Thanks Chris for building these so now a lot of us know what and where they are different.

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