Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whooops .... I just hit my 1GB limit with Blogger ... Hello AdSense.

I was warned about this by friends who blog regularly. Funny thing was I wasn't able to find the usage warning anywhere whenever I posted a new blog, so I really had no idea how much space I've used up. And only just now I found out. There I was waiting patiently for a whole bunch of new images to upload when suddenly I got a notice "You have exceeded your free 1GB limit" ... ooops.

Looking at the situation here, I now have 3 choices:

1. I could create another Blogger Account, and call it "Bruce's Domain 2" ... but Naw, that would really sound like a cheesy movie sequel, and I'm just too lazy to keep track of multiple blog accounts. In fact, I already have 2 accounts. The other is a WIP which I am planning to revamp, and I need to do that soon too. Its been around for like a few months and there are only a total of 111 page views ... (blush). That's what happen when blogs gets neglected. Hence I'm planning to transfer the two contents (blush again) into this main blog, and dedicate that other one into perhaps a "How to ...." blog for scale modelers. Well, that's the plan anyway.

2. I could go back and delete off some of my earlier images ... but checking through the Stats, I have noticed a lot of scale modelers do depend on many of these images for their builds, or to help them make decisions to buy. Doing that would not only create inconveniences and disfavour, it would also defeat the very purpose why I set up this blog in the first place. So I think its better to just keep everything status quo.

3. OR .... I can subscribe for more space from Blogger.

Guess which one I chose.

Hence AdSense has made its presence here. Well, I do need to recover back some of the cost, or at least try to. I doubt I can make much with this having never tried it before, and its not something that's going to replace my present career anytime soon either. I do know some of you really abhor advertisements in blogs and with that respect, all I ask is that you bear it with me. Looking at the Ads ... well, its not really that big and irritating, and the one at the bottom of the first post really do look out of place. I'll see if I can have that moved further down the page later - no promises. Right now I'm not even sure how it works. Here's having a go at it.


  1. Bruce san...

    what i did is to link all the image back to Photobucket... so you'll save the space in Blogspot.. but of course you'll have to trouble yourself in uploading it to Photobucket first and then linking it to here... :D
    As for adsense i have no experience.. but Nuffnang is also an option but need to have high volume of traffic laa. :D
    kuman out..

  2. Thanks Kuman, I actually have more problem uploading to photobucket. Some of the images (esp when I review kits I just bought) are huge, and one time last year it took nearly an hour to upload just 4 images. The problem actually isn't with photobucket, but our beloved Streamyx ... ugh! Lousy net connection. Surprisingly I found blogger's to be fast and efficient at most times.

    As for Adsense, guess this is good enuff since I'm only looking to cover my cost (USD0.50 per month). Anything extra I'll consider it a bonus.

    Nuffnang .. hmmm, haven't heard of this one.