Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Closer Look at the Available Classic Battlestar Accurization Sets

Currently available are the Arvey Models' comprehensive accurization set (on the left with all those parts in their zip lock bags placed inside a nice plastic bait box), the detail set from Federation Models on the right (haven't had the chance to clean them yet), and detailed decals.

I had noted earlier on of the sudden surge of scale modelers who have begun working on their Revellogram Classic Battlestar kits HERE and its interesting to see so many different methods used to spruce up that kit. Of course there are those that wants to re-create an accurate representation - not easy at that scale but can be done.

And when I checked through my page views for this blog, I noticed there had been a sudden surge in page views for the Classic BSG Accurization Sets, notably HERE and HERE. Of course in my earlier highlights, I have only shown everyone what was available, and where they can get a set if they're interested. It is interesting to see so many people wanting to "upgrade" their Revellogram BSG kit.

And then there is that set sold by Federation Models (see under "Model Kits" in the "Misc" category) where many got confused over its name. That set was originally created by Timeslip Creations and was called "The BSG Sub Level 3 Accurization Set". If I am correct, it had 20 flat resin pieces designed to replace the side paneling of the original kit, and comes together with an accurate set of decals. The current set selling now is called "Battlestar Details" and has 23 resin pieces which now includes a correct nose piece and end caps for the Flight Pods. The decals however will need to be obtained elsewhere (I got mine from Federation Models as well but separate from the accurized resin set)

I was curious about the Battlestar Details set so I decided to purchase mine and got her recently. The pieces are rather interesting. They're not a bunch of square shapes interlapping each other as I had earlier thought from looking at images from the net, but they all do have specific designs. Mind you they're not accurate but they will give your Battlestar a fantastic makeover.

My plan now is to integrate the 2 sets together to try to produce a more detailed Battlestar that at least "looks accurate". Definitely going to be a lot of work seeing the amount of replacement parts I have to make with Arvey Model's set alone.

For those still looking for these sets and want to know more on what they look like, I have put in more images below for your reference but please note I have decided not to take out Arvey Model's accurate parts out from their ziplock bags for the photo session for fear I might loose some of them. See how small some of these parts are?

Both sets are currently available at their respective links above.


  1. bruce-san... i dunno such accurization exist...
    need to visit your blog more often la like this.. :D

    kuman "Tornado Wash pulak!!." Entry

  2. Hi Kuman

    A lot of people didn't know these existed, and some of those that did were not sure where they could get them. Hopefully with this highlight, I can get to see more "close to the actual" builts commence.