Sunday, January 2, 2011

Round 2's AMT 1/350 Scale Klingon Bird of Prey

I am definitely getting a couple of this babies. To begin with, she'd be in the same scale with Polar Light's highly detailed 1/350 scale USS Enterprise, and second, this kit comes with lots of re-tooling. As many of you already know, the PL 1/350 kit as she is popularly known, is the only very accurate representation of the Refit USS Enterprise in that scale that's within reach of an average modeler budget. I have seen so many masterpiece created from this kit alone. To have the Klingon Bird of Prey as a companion only gives me ideas on a Star Trek III diorama.

Molded in green with clear parts, the coming kit comes with its wing baffles revised so the wings can be positioned correctly in flight and landing formation. In fact, this kit allows three possible configuration, Cruise Mode, Attack Mode and Landing Pose.

Landing gears are molded in accordance to Star Trek III when she landed on Vulcan carrying Spock.

Last I heard, the landing gears are casted in metal parts to help support the weight of the kit. And on top of that, I'm hoping the passenger ramp is also included with this kit. Its not mentioned in Round 2's product highlight, but it was shown to us in their blog.

Pretty neat for this AMT kit. Its certainly worth buying a unit now that she comes with all these goodies, not to mention a new dome base and decals. I'll do a more comprehensive review once I have her in my hands.

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