Sunday, January 30, 2011

More New Detailed Parts for Your TOS Revell Mark I Viper

The Revell Kit may be out of production, but I do know of quite a few people who are still keeping their kits in their stash waiting to be build. Well, if you happen to fall into this category, then you would probably want to consider adding details on your kit to make her more "realistic", or different. Whatever the reasons are, there are 2 new accessories you can have to add to whatever else that was available.

From Federation Models comes these nifty grill inserts, perfect if you want your Mark I Viper lighted up. 6 simple to insert but yet highly detailed resin replacement parts that were designed to fit into the last Revell re-issue of the kit. I'm not sure if these will work if you have an earlier issue but from my comparison, probably not.

You'll need to cut off the existing parts within the engine nozzles which is actually quite easy seeing that they are mainly just thin plastic "spruces", trim the surrounding areas, and fit in the replacement grills.

Another thing you may want to do is to cut out the inside of the triangular frills from the guns. These are suppose to be hollow but the plastic piece was molded filled. What  did was to use a motor drill to drill out the centre and file away the remaining piece to achieve this. Its a lot of work - trust me. I may need to later fill in the centre rod to give her a fuller shape.

Not up to this? Well, you could consider getting a set that's ready made. Available from Fireball Modelworks, the 4 piece resin set perfectly replaces the guns, and they do come with some detailed panel lines. Just trim off the resin stubs and flashes, wash the pieces in mild warm water with some dish detergent, and they're good to go.

Its currently out of stock but will be available again at Starship Modeller. Regularly check the site there or you're going to miss them. That's what happen to me and I now have to wait for the next batch.

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