Sunday, January 16, 2011

Announcement: Paragrafix's New PE Set for the Moebius Galactica

OK, so not everybody wanted the comprehensive Photoetch Set (PE) from Paragrafix for their Moebius Galactica kit. Apparently for those who just want to build the Battlestar Galactica, well, the comprehensive set consist of a few redundant pieces they will be paying for but not be used.

So, to cater to these people, Paragrafix will be releasing a shortened version of its' comprehensive set to just include the Museum Windows, Galactica's name plate and insignia. The set will be available early February 2011

And for those who wants MORE details on their Galactica, fret not. There is going to be another PE set coming out soon with more goodies in store. I'll fill everyone in once I have some information on what's new.

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