Monday, January 31, 2011

Received Larson's Designs Viper Launch Tube Diorama Resin Set

Do you still remember my previous highlight on a fantastic diorama set depicting a Mark II Viper launching from the Galactica? Well, its HERE in case you don't recall. Its awesome in the sense that you can now pose your Moebius Mark II Vipers in a launching stance.

To recap, here are the images of how the Launch Tunes look like.

Here's how the diorama set will look like once assembled. There are potentials to add in more details later on and weathering the base is going to be a challenge ... for me anyway. It needs to look used and rusty ... do metal rust in space? Oh wait, this is Sci Fi, anything goes.

And here's what I received recently. I got two sets for a massive diorama I'm planning to make and am currently gathering as much of any available accessories I can find. When I opened the package, I was literally blown away. There were a lot of resin parts included, plus a few PVC pipes cut to size. The castings was very well done and I didn't see any air bubbles on any of the parts that need sanding off.

I had to lay the pieces each as I remove their plastic wraps one by one to see what I was going to be working with. The final tally - about 115 parts and 14 PVC tubes. The set didn't come with an instruction sheet, but then again I had rushed Chris for the set so I am guessing he haven't had a chance to complete his instructions yet ... ooops. The kit is quite straight forward and looking at his build images, shouldn't be a problem test fitting the parts together.

Larson's Design MKII Launch Tube Diorama Set

What you get (I'm not going to describe them one by one here as I don't even know what some of these parts are called even in the show) All the parts are shown in the images below. Placed together, the entire diorama is going to be about 18" long.

There are some resin flashes that needs to be cleaned first, especially with the scaffolding parts, but other than that, the kit is well casted. Certainlhy worth the money I paid for since I didn't expect to get so many resin parts. Its going to be fun working on this one

All the pieces lovingly ziplocked and accounted for, waiting for me to finish up with my Moebius Galactica and Viper project first. So off to a safe place somewhere within my stash.

Another thing about this set, I'm going to need to customize a base for her as I don't have any to accomodate something flat that's 18" long. I wonder where that carpenter buddy of mine has now moved to  ... sigh.
If you're interested to get one set, just drop Chris a mail. He can be reached at Just let him know you heard about this from here.

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