Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming Soon : My reviews on AMT Round 2 Star Trek Kits and .....

Got these today. The package actually arrived on Saturday at my office and since I don't work Saturdays, the delivery guy sent it to the company's mailing room. Of course no one notified me.

My cousin however did inform me on Saturday that he had received his kits, so I had assumed mine was coming today (Monday). It had to. Both packages were sent out at the same time. Imagine to my horror as I waited .... and waited ... almost the whole day went by and nothing. I checked the tracking and it stated "attempted to make delivery on 19 Feb" .. I was like WTH!!!! Where could she be???

Then close to going home time, my office dispatch gave me a call and said, "Bruce, you have a package with us. Came last Saturday ..."  A little annoyed but I'm a happy camper now.

And I was suppose to begin an extensive review and comparison for each of these kits using their past releases as comparisons. I had all these planned out but because I spent too much time playing nurse to Momma Kitty (see last two post where she just gave birth), looks like the review will have to wait until much later. Need to turn in for the night as I have to still earn a living tomorrow. And I didn't realise playing nurse could be so tiring.

But here's what you can expect :

Received these today. The complete 1/2500 scale Enterprises, 1/537 scale reliant and the 1/1000 scale Enterprise B
I will be comparing these to their early issues, and I already know the "Enterpise C" still has her decals in error
As for these two, I want to see their Aztec decals .. later.

The Reliant will also be compared to her earlier issue - lots of corrected parts with this kit

As with the Enterprise B. Looking forward to compare her to see the completely new lower primary hull as well as a different "top" to the secondary hull. The planetary sensor dome is now also more accurate and there is a "trench" that was not on the lower saucer on the original kit

 Also coming will be my review on my humble collection of Patlabor Anime kits. It ain't much but from what I see, most of these already come pre-painted.

And lastly .... well, I saw this selling in a shop. She looked cute so I got her. My foray into the Naval Model Scene ... just don't know when that is going to happen yet.

Later folks. Need to catch some zzzzzz's now.

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