Thursday, February 3, 2011

Part 1 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Studio Reference

In conjunction with my recent highlight of Round 2's 1/1400 scale Clear Enterprise D (also applies to the 1/2500 scale AMT Enterprise, I've decided to post some images of the actual studio model for reference. Reason is simply to end "some disagreements" over what is right and what is wrong. Well, Star Trek Fans are known to be very passionate about what's canon, and what's not, and though I am a fan, I would love to have my kit close to 100% accurate but I just don't have the skills and know how to achieve that. So I'm quite content if mine came about 90 - 95%.

So in yet another multiple part posts, I'll be highlighting some images I had saved up of the "Grand Lady D of the Galaxy" with the hopes that these images would help those who want to achieve a studio accurate Enterprise D when assembling the AMT kits. Do remember that to achieve that goal, you're going to need aftermarket parts. The current mold of this kit just isn't enough to cut it.

The references here for this beautiful ship and on the filming model are segregated as follows:

Part 1 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Studio Reference Introduction
Part 2 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Studio Reference Overall Shots
Part 3 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Studio Reference Primary Hull
Part 4 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Studio Reference Secondary Hull
Part 5 - USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D Studio Reference Warp Nacelles
Part 6 - The Future Dreadnough USS Enterprise D

Here are a few takes of the Enterprise D studio filming model:

Schematics of the Enterprise D. Please make sure these don't fall into Romulan hands.

More images on the making of the studio model of the Enterprise D

Publicity shots we have come to love:

Unique thing about the Enterprise D is her ability to function after saucer separation. The Secondary Hull with the Battle Bridge will provide cover for the Primary Hull where most of the crews and families are located.

Some excellent art pieces of the USS Enterprise D

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