Monday, February 7, 2011

Acreation Models PE Set for Fine Mold's 1/48 scale TIE Fighter Kit

Not sure why the 1/48 scale TIE Fighter kit from Fine Molds get to be so lucky to have a PE set. I was kind of hoping the 1/48 scale X-Wing would have one too. Guess that one may still come one day. In the meantime this new PE set gives the TIE Fighter a more realistic look toward the filming model by replacing some of the details on the cockpit ball and wing struts, as well as details for the cockpit interior as well.

BTW, the "PE" abbreviation refers to Photo Etch, in case you're not aware.

The overall impression with this PE application is that your kit would look more like a working model instead of a model kit. Check out these images I got from Hobbylink Japan of a built 1/48 scale TIE Fighter. Impressive, no?

Now see her with the PE set installed. Noticed how the exterior now looks different, better, and a lot "busier". Its amazing how these small brass parts could make such a huge difference to your kit's outlook. And the set is affordable too.

Acreation Models 1/48 scale TIE Fighter PE set is available HERE. Get it now while the 10% sale price is still on

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