Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Enterprise" Era Early Klingon Kits from the Delta Quadrant

And in case you're wondering how the Bird of Prey looked like during "Enterprise" era's a niftly buildup of that ship. You can see similiar designs on her with a more predecessor look. Really gives the ship a very modest look, but don't let the looks fool you. She's just as deadly.

BTW, another version of this little ship is going to be available at the coming Wonderfest in US. Make sure you're there to be among the first few to grab her.

Look for The Delta Quadrant or HERE

Watch out for his other Goodies there as well. More about her HERE


  1. Wow! Incredible paint job on that bird of prey. That kit can't be more than 6" long and the paintjob is so detailed. Awesome piece of work there. You can even see the rust streaks on that model. Hmm.... my favourite Klingon vessel has made an appearance - The Klingon K'Tinga class. Damn - those Klingons sure know how to make their ships look mean and dangerous.

  2. That's why sometimes I don't really feel like showing off my own work. Compared to these ... wow.