Monday, February 7, 2011

Test Fit Issues with the Moebius Battlestar Galactica

This content have been brought here from my other blog account "BruceWIP Domain" as I am streamlining my blogs (OK, I only have two). I will touch more on "Scale Modelling as a Hobby" for the other blog, touching more on skill sets and tricks (in general).


Let's face it, there are no such thing as THE perfect kit. All kits will have some problems one way or another, and I was told how we deal with these problems differentiate us from the other modellers. Interesting philosophy, since I am from the group that rants and curse when things don't go right, I must still be pretty low down the ladder .. HAHAHA!  Seriously some problems do present quite a challenge, and the key to solving these is patience and creativity. Of course its a lot easier said.

So the Moebius 1/4105 scale Battlestar Galactica has been selected to be my prime subject for my WIP blog. I was planning to do the Mark II Viper but that took a back seat when I found out the Galactica kit was coming.

With that in mind, here are some head ups on some fitting issues for everyone's attention on the Moebius Galactica kit. I have removed most of the parts from the spruce to test fit the Galactica kit and discovered a few minor problems, things that was otherwise already mentioned in various forums.

1. Head section fits like a charm - no issues. The only issue here is when you attach the head section to the body. Thanks to Perfessercoffee for highlighting this. I test fitted the head section to the body and found this flaw to be true.

Solution is to trim off about .02cm from the Head connector section, that should align the kit.

2. The Flight Pod Recess area - as highlighted by Marko Scheloske HERE. Even if I did follow Marko's advise, there are still slight gaps around the edges. There's no way around this, you'll need to putty off the gaps.

3. The Flight Pod itself. A few people had reported difficulties in fitting the landing bay pads into the lower bay fuselage. From the picture below, you can see the lower pod hull has about 8 pins there that prevents for landing bay from fitting nicely.

If you look closely at the instruction sheet (for those who has the kit), you will notice the diagram does not show these 8 pins. I believe they are molding stubs. I removed mine and the bay slips in snugly. Problem solved. Those same stubs are also present on the lower engine parts. Just go ahead and snip them off with your spruce cutter (watch your eyes as the small plastic stubs can become deadly projectiles when snipped off by a spruce cutter)

Lastly, fitting the Flight Pod into the Recess area. There's no way the Flight Pods are able to fit in with the recess area part inserted. So I removed those 2 inserts and test fitted the pods. It worked to a certain extent but that snug fit resulted in a 0.03cm gap at the fuselage's front connection

Bear in mind those Flight pods are non functional, meaning the kit was designed to have the pods displayed extended out. So far I've received some advise to basically "cheat" (reference here to illusion), or "sand off or cut" the inner flight pod area (the section that cannot be seen) to get a good fit. And you know, its beginning to look like that's the solution. I'm still on a lookout for a better alternative.

I'll highlight more as I progress further.

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