Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AMT Round 2 is Not Producing Any Battlestar Galactica Kit

It has come to my attention that some people may have misunderstood one of my blog posting. In this particular case, it was said that I had somehow prematurely announced AMT Round 2's intention of producing and distributing a new Battlestar Galactica plastic model kit. The guilty post in question is located HERE.

Since then I have been bombarded with emails from overly excited friends regarding this, asking me where I got this highly classified and important information, to which all I want to say is ...... Whoa .. I checked that post. There isn't any mention of AMT there, in fact, the name is so clearly spelled out. Its Moebius. Yes, I wrote Moebius.

For the life of me, I can't figure out where and how AMT came into the picture, nor do I know how I came to be the source of this information. As far as I know, only Moebius has the license to produce and distribute kits from this new TV series.  AMT is not producing any Battlestar kits, and if they were going to ... they would have announced it over their blog.

So please allow me to put this news to rest. Its not true, I never said it ... and if you had believed this news and spread it .... well ........  don't get upset when the veterans laugh at ya.

So say we all.


I have received some feedbacks on the image above and I discovered that some of you are pretty sharp. Let me clarify a few things:

1. The image above is indeed a hoax. I created it using Power Point and not photoshop to give it a "fake" outlook, and gave some crappy highlights like "Optional Landing Gears" when everyone knows the Galactica has none. Auto retractable Hangars??? Those that has assembled their kit knows this is not possible in reality. The body isn't big enough to completely take in the hangar pods.

2. I was hoping to "catch" that someone distributing that image (I have a nickname). Firstly when a friend told me AMT was coming out with the Bucket, I was a little confused. Then came the emails, and then more friends wanting to know if this was true, and when I queried them, apparently the source lead back to my blog posting which has no mention of AMT associated with the Galactica. Now I'm even more confused. Hence the fake picture with outrages claims to see if anyone fell for that. Guess it didn't since some of you saw right through it.

3. On the possibility that I may have inadvertently insulted both Moebius and AMT Round 2, then let me apologize first as this was not my intention. Just drop me a note and I'll remove the image.

OK, carry on. Just wanted to state the above for now.


  1. Noted... and this reminds me to try to get 1 for myself... if i'm lucky ahhaha...
    kuman "SPACE 1999 at80% !!." Entry

  2. Lets see if that image gets circulated in the net .. HAHAHA