Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Cousin Bennie

Best Wishes to ya and may the year of the Rabbit brings much fortune and health ......

 Erm .. ok, it is still some kind of rabbit ... right? Qapla?

Let me intro my cousin to everyone. His name is Bennie, and he has been a Star Trek fan like me since when we were very young. He has recently expressed his interest to foray into the world of scale model building, and with this in mind, I decided for his birthday this year, I was going to give him something really unique, something very special - a package with his favourite Star Trek ships from AMT all the way from the US.

From his SMS since morning .... wish I could be there to see his face when he got the package and opened her. I'm really happy to see him smiling like that.

Now the only thing left is to get some proper tools. Also recommend getting some Tamiya paints as well, particularly the colour yellow, blue, red and black ... that is if you're still not planning to completely paint them. You're going to need those colours for the warp nacelles, impulse engines, sensors, etc etc. Kit is already molded in white so there is no need for painting. And oh yeah, some nice art brushes too.

And my appreciation to John Lester of Starship Modeler (SSM) for making this possible. That package was his first ever from overseas and he had been trying to get a good kit of the Enterprise B since ........ hell, since the first time we saw her in Star Trek Generations. Now he has two. The Enterprise C completes his collection of all ships bearing the name USS Enterprise ... oh wait, I left out the NX-01. Nuts.

Thanks John. This is yet another prime example of dependable service from SSM as the package arrived right on time before his birthday. It really makes the occasion more meaningful

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  1. A very big THANK YOU for the wonderful birthday present. Saw the package when I got back from work and just couldn't stop smiling. Finally got the Enterprise B. Thanks.