Saturday, November 13, 2010

JJ Abrams second Star Trek movie? And a 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise coming?

Lots of talk happening regarding this 2 topics and its even reach as far as Malaysia. Well, exciting news tends to do that with the Star Trek community. First of all was this image of the JJ Abrams Enterprise promoting the second movie in the Summer of 2012 found HERE.

Is it for real? The picture cannot be verified by Paramount or ILM officially, and its too good to be regarded as a fake. It is also taken at an angle not shown in the movie or any official promotional materials. So is that poster truly a promo for the second movie, or to promote some merchandise, or is it simply a really good fan created material? Whatever it is, thanks, we now have a new angle of the new Enterprise for reference. Nice shuttlebay there.

Then comes Round2's supposed announcement about a coming 1/350 scale kit of the Classic USS Enterprise NCC 1701. It has by far garnered so much interest and attention to the extent many online shops are setting up Pre-Orders for her. I myself have pre-ordered a unit from CultTVman . Well, its too good an offer to pass by.

So why is this one setting up much controversy? For starters, this piece of news was never meant to go public. Jamie Hood of Round2 stated it was a book keeping error sent to all retailers to generate a price list. According to the news, the big kit is scheduled for a “premiere edition” with a retail of $150 to 160 that will supposedly include extra parts.  A standard release is scheduled for late 2011 that will include fewer parts, retailing for $120-130.   Also scheduled for late 2011 is a “Star Trek 1:350 scale supplemental parts pack” and a “Star Trek 1:350 TOS Enterprise Accessory Pack”.  You can read all about it at CultTVman's blog HERE

So this kit may or may not happen, and its causing a lot of backlash to retailers in general. Round2 may not be perfect (as also seen in their decal errors for the Star Trek AMT kits), but at least they are producing these kits and making them accessible for fans across the globe.

Right now, anyone interested in the 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise can express their interest by pre-ordering them. The numbers generated will indicate to Round 2 whether it is profitable for them to produce her or not. I for one am hoping this kit becomes a reality.

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