Saturday, November 6, 2010

Timeslip Creations BSG Mark VIIe Viper

For the trained eyes, the first thing you will notice about this kit is that there's some difference between it and the Mark VII Viper seen regularly on the series. Well there are some differences. Timeslip Creations' Mark VIIe Viper is from the Battlestar Pegasus as seen from "Razor". The Mercury Class Battle Cruiser has the latest equipments and almost everything is advanced technologically. She even has an in-built factory to produce Vipers as well as a simulator to train Viper pilots. So its not surprising that her fighter squadron are the latest in terms of Colonial Armaments.

Check out the Mark VIIe highlighted in the red square box from these screen caps. Its the Viper that's ahead of Starbuck's

Here's the difference in the Mark VII Variance

Mark VII

Mark VIIE - notice the nose cone is not as sharp, the wings edge do not go all the way to the nose, and it has a shorter canopy
Screencaps from "Razor"

The variance is hard to detect since you only see them in the CGI format, that is only when she's in flight, and they do fly by really fast. Where a studio prop model was required for the shot, the producers used back the 1:1 scale of the Mark VII for close ups. Hence the disparity in variants.

George of Timeslip Creations crafted this fighter craft after much research to emulate the fighter squadron from Pegasus. The first thing you will notice is the sleeker nose cone and some variants to the engine housing. So how can you tell if there are more differences. Very easy - once the Moebius Mark VII comes out, you can build her and pose them side by side. The difference becomes evident then.

The resin kit's casting is very well done, and once again as expected from Timeslip Creations, the kit is of high quality resin and very little flash cleaning is required. The details are accurate to the Pegasus squadron markings, and each part fits like a charm. A Viper pilot is also included. What's missing is the landing gears but most everyone I know wants to pose her in flight mode, so its not a big issue there.

Here's what you get

More images from Larry G. Johnson

A fantastic Build kit from ... whoa, good question. I saved these images but again no links. If you know who build them and from where, please let me know.

Images below have been reduced in size. For those nice juicy images and lots of it, please visit the site

So if you plan to get Timeslip's Mark VIIe Viper, just remember she's at 1/32 scale, on par with Moebius 1/32 scale Mark II and coming 1/32 scale Mark VII. Hence you would have a complete set of all the Vipers (Mark IIs, Mark VII and Mark VIIe) seen in the new BSG series. Not bad to have access to all the variant Vipers to a popular TV series that was once so hard to come by.

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