Sunday, November 14, 2010

Galactica with Retracted Flight Pods

Someone asked me a very interesting question regarding posing the Galactica with its flight pod retracted - specifically how deep does the flight pods retract in.

Good question. We see the mighty ship retracting her flight pods whenever her FTL engines are engaged before she can jump. But the scenes were usually very fast and with the added light effects, we couldn't really see much. Fortunately I do have some images we can use.

Battle Damaged version

We see the flight pods retracted for the first time in the Mini Series when the Galactica had finished re-arming herself from a hidden weapons depot and the surviving fleet successfully pleaded for Galactica to serve as their protector. The Cylons had taken position above the planet's atmosphere (its lethal to the Cylons), hence Galactica positions herself between the escaping fleet and the Cylon Marauding forces.

Cylon Basestars launches Raiders while the Galactica launches their Vipers

When the last civilian ship jumps away, Galactica recalls her fighters and begins FTL jump procedures, including retracting the flight pods.

Starbuck rams her Viper against Apollo's crippled fighter to haul him home

Another Starbuck's legendary landing

There are 6 red lights under the flight pods retract bay. Thanks to Cylon75 for providing a very clear screen cap for this.

I had earlier thought there were 5 due to the images below. My bad ..... sigh

Shouldn't be too hard emulating this on the Moebius kit but I can't say much until I have the kit in my hands. Shouldn't be too long now


  1. Any drawings or diagrams of these to make sure the six are spaced correctly?I wondered how many lights were in each retract bay but have been looking for screencaps of the nose and teeth area above the chin.

  2. Hi j,

    Unfortunately no. All we managed to get are screen cap images of the recess lights. Guess its up to the modeler's own intuition where to place them - based on available images that is. Not really sure what you meant by the nose and teeth area, you mean the head front section?