Thursday, November 18, 2010

Detailed Images of the new Galactica's Hangar Bay

These images of the Galactica's Hangar Bay were taken mostly by Lee Stringer during Season 1-3 of the new series and provides a very detailed account of the shape of the bays, the equipments as well as other props that was used to give added realism to the hangar bay ambiance. I took the liberty to add a few other shots in since the topic is about the Hangar Bay

I'm hoping these will be useful to those who wishes to build their Moebius Mark II Vipers and coming Mark VII Vipers and put them in a hangar bay diorama. Its actually one of my plans and it is going to be a huge diorama. Of course right now its just in the planning stage.

Overall View - Hangar Bays

Hangar Bay Details

Main Hangar Deck Separation Doorway

Launch Bay Doorway and Launch Bay section

Hangar Deck Equipments

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