Friday, November 12, 2010

Moebius Battlestar Galactica is Finally Available - Aftermarket Parts Update

Yes folks, the much anticipated kit for the 4th Quarter of 2010 is finally out. They should also be available at most of your Local Hobby Store (LHS). My pre-orders at Starship Modeller and CultTVMan Hobbyshop are currently being processed even as I am typing now, and I do believe (praying real hard here) I will have them in Malaysia around 5 - 10 days time.

Looking at the feedbacks from fans in the US, it has been reported that some LHS are having their stock disappearing within 10 minutes of shelve life. This kit is literally selling like hot cakes and if anything, it indicates another big winner from Moebius.

The following images are from F91 at the SSM Forum who have already got his kit

If you need to see more images of the spruce tree and close up shots, please visit HobbyTalk Forum and check out Marko Scheloske's images. I dare not post them here since he had an agreement with some magazine over an article he did for this kit using those pictures, so if you want to see them, click that link. Then go place your orders.

Moebius had earlier presented this kit to a few aftermarket kit producers to come up with the relevant aftermarket parts - yeah, especially for those fussy modellers like me who wants perfection. I have already highlighted some of these HERE but since the 1/4105 scale kit is now readily available, let me reiterate again on available aftermarket parts, and highlight what's new.

NEW!!! Accurate Resin Turrets from Timeslip Creations

A set of 25 accurate turrets (you only need 24 for the kit) at only USD $15.95. Shipping within the US is USD $2.95 and they are shipped in a sturdy box. International orders, kindly email George at to get a shipping quote. As for the rest, George's paypal address is

He currently has about 100 sets at the moment, with some scheduled to go to online shops and others being ordered direct, it's strictly on a first come first serve basis. Order too late, and you'll need to wait for the next batch, and he did mention his caster has gone on vacation.

Set with some flashes yet to be cleaned before packaging

The accurate set (bottom) next to the original styrene kit turret

Paragrafix Photoetch and Decal Set, now with image of the decal. Please refer to my link above in the third paragraph for the reviews on this set.

New!!! Acreation Models New Battlestar Hull Decals. Coming real soon, these decals are going to solve your masking and painting woes. Wait for it when she becomes ready cause I foresee this one selling out fast as well. Also included is the decals for the Flight Pod Retraction Bay area. Sorry but the images below need to stay tiny here for obvious reasons.

Flight od Retraction Bay
Majority of the Armour Plating is already complete

Well, what are you waiting for? Get yours now or wait for the next batch. These sets are definitely going to be sold out fast now that the Battlestar kit is available.

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