Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Kit Alert! Galactica Viper Launch Rail Diorama Kit

Saw this over at Starship Modeller forum which lead me to the RPF forum - another interesting new product highlight - the new Galactica Colonial Viper's Launch Tube. The images below shows a near completed diorama set (MKII Viper kit not included) and she will be 18" long by 9 3/4". Scheduled release is about a week from the date of this post.

Please note that this diorama kit depicts the launch tube section where the Vipers are being "catapult" off to space and not the Launch Bay area where the Vipers are being prepared for launch. The Launch Bay is also where the Control Room is located, and the floor area is flat. Below are a series of screen captures to show the difference.

Launch Bay


Launch Tube

To order, click on the RPF forum link at the head of this post, look for "E=MC2" and click on that nickname and a selection box will appear below the nick, select "Send a Personal Message...", and you can send your request for the costing and shipping.

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