Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Hornethopter in 1/35 scale is open for booking

Alrighty, after my .. ahem ... "extensive" coverage on Steampunks, lets look at the next upcoming kit from FichtenFoo called the Hornethopter. After going underwater with the Fish-Shaped Submersible, its now time to take to the skies. Another superbly unique offering with the kit looking like a giant hornet and requiring a pilot to fly this mechanized giant insect, now that in my book is truly pure science fiction. The Hornethopter's main diet apparently are Airships, abundantly found in Germany during WWI I presume?

The kit itself looks solid and very detailed with 32 resin parts, 2 photoetch frets, glass cabochon (I assume its either for the wings or eyes) and 2 pilot figures among other materials. Again this wonderful masterpiece was designed by Michael Fichtenmayer who was responsible for the Fish-Shaped Submersible. As for the pilot, he sure reminds me of something from Maschinen Krieger.

Here are some more close up shots of the details on each parts. Impressive to say the least, and assembly looks easy enough. It looks like the main legs are joined via ball joints, allowing you to pose her in various posses be it in flights, landing or attacking. The leg mid section looks rigid though so I doubt you can pose those (I could be wrong here).

More images after the jump and if you are impressed with the kit like I am, click HERE to place your orders for the first edition.

I wonder if there is a way to light up those mechanized Hornet's eyes ... a glowing greenish hue would give the Hornethopter a sinister look.

About Industria Mechanika

Here's a brief explanation of this company called "Industria Mechanika". Its a group collaboration effort between GK makers and Concept Artists headed by FichtenFoo himself. The goal of this company is to produce original kits off a one-off scratch build vehicle/starship/fighter/etc, or from concept designs that otherwise can't be found anywhere else so every fan can enjoy them. All the designs done will not conform to what we already see and know from TV (Star Wars, BSG, Star Trek, etc etc), that means original designs. 

Using seasoned experienced modelers in the form of collaborators, kits produced will no doubt be of very high quality and comes with extensive details, all designed with the modeler in mind. 

And they are looking for talents, especially concept designers. If you fit into the following category, and wishes to expand your horizons, contact FichtenFoo HERE

  • Scale Model Scratch-building
  • Figure Sculpting (Small or Large Scale)
  • Detailed Concept Artist
  • Freelance high res Organic and Hard Surface Modelers
  • 3D Designers capable of creating printable objects (solidworks, zbrush, etc…)
  • 3D Printing*
  • Graphic Design and Vector Art
  • White Metal Casting*
*In the case of casters and printers, Industria Mechanika would like to see examples of your work (via mail) before utilizing your services.

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