Monday, August 22, 2011

Studio Model Reference - The Y-Wing Fighter

Now where would the X-Wing be without the Y-Wing? Known more as a fighter bomber, the Y-Wing's unique shape help define her name, and despite her sleek design and attractiveness (well, she is a fine looking starfighter), numerous jokes has it that any pilot assigned to the Y-Wing squadron is ultimately doomed. Why - well, this starfighter is a magnet for laser fires, and she's always get shot down. I learned that lesson well playing "Star Wars Empires At War" and to knock off a Star Destroyer's laser cannon, I would need at least 5 squadrons to destroy at least 2 of the cannons before they themselves become Bantha fodder. Don't stock up too many Y-Wings. They're sitting ducks.

So I am guessing in the strategy of war, the Y-Wings serves more as a decoy while the X-Wing go on with the kill.

And for some reason, I kept on thinking the Y-Wing was a 2 man fighter bomber due to the large cockpit section when I first saw Star Wars. Thanks to the Internet and various model kits made available, I was set on the straight path. Here are some screen caps of the Y-Wing in Star Wars.

In terms of scale model kits (styrene plastic) that was made available for the Y-Wing, unfortunately there isn't many. I only know of two manufacturers that have churned out kits, MPC (and later Revell but using the same mold), and Fine Molds in 1/72 scale.

MPC/Revell's kit has a lot of inaccurate and missing detail parts, but an out of the box build up do result in a fancy Y-Wing fighter, once some modification, scratch building and aftermarket parts are applied.

The best kit so far in my book would be Fine Mold's 1/72 scale kit. There are a few aftermarket PE parts made for her, and an out of the box build up do yield a pretty impressive kit.

Of course no matter what details was included in any of the kits, the actual studio model have a lot more greebles on them. So if that is the direction you want to take, have a look at SMT's Resin kit of the Y-Wing Fighter. Not sure if this kit is still in production, but the level of details on her .. WOW!!

So you want yours to look as close to the actual model used. Here are some studio scale model reference shots I got from my archived folders.

Here's Red Y-Wing codenamed Red Jammer, rumoured to be the very first Y-Wing build for the movies .

These images are from the actual Studio Model used in the movies. Had these in my folder for some time now.

And here's some Studio Model Reference materials on the Y-Wing fighter taken by Bill George highlighted over at taken from the Star Wars Museum.

Here's Gold Leader Studio Model

And finally here is Gold 5 Studio Model Y-Wing

The Y-Wing apparently isn't considered a popular starfighter looking at the number of available kits made (styrene or resin) but they are there nevertheless. Its not an easy ship to detail, but if you can do it, she will definitely look very impressive.

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