Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pegasus Hobbies War of the Worlds (2005)

Here's something that piqued my interest for Steven Spielberg's version of War of the Worlds - the aliens and their Tripod war machine seen in the movie. They're deadly, almost indestructible, have a formidable beam that literally reduces living flesh into ashes, and their looks alone intimidates. Of course they fell victim to the one thing that most humans already have immunity to but they don't - bacteria. A dire consequence of not doing their research first cause if they had, they would have discovered we humans aren't exactly a shiny example of healthy living.

The movie didn't really do too well in the cinemas, but it did give us a better version of the invaders and more importantly that mean ass looking Tripod. I was like "Oh, OK" when Pegasus Hobbies came out with their range of War of the World's kits ranging from the earlier movies to the recent one in 2005, but when I saw the parts for the Tripod ... I was sold.

Of course for those who didn't know, War of the Worlds is the Science Fiction literary work of H.G.Wells, a novel that has a narrator describing his personal experience during an alien invasion. Published in 1898, and later made into a movie in 1953. Spielberg's version in 2005 is actually an upgrade and a remake of the original movie. But we are not here to discuss about the origins of the show or its implications. Yes, we're here to discuss on those cool model kits presented by Pegasus Hobbies.

For those who don't know the original alien creature and their war machine, here's how they look like (the image of the two flying saucers attacking is a special diorama kit):

Pegasus Hobbies have the complete range from both versions, and what's cool about their 2005 movie version kits is that you can pose them - no, not play with them type of pose, but you can choose a pose for your static display of these kits. I'll highlight more on the the Alien Creature kit from the movie later, and then touched on the coming Tripod War Machine.

More highlights on the 2005 kits after this post

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