Sunday, September 4, 2011

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 "J"

For those who didn't know, yeah, there was a brief highlight on the USS Enterprise "J". So the images you see on the web, well, they're basically "concepts" done up for the actual ship and not some new fictional fan based design concepts. But wait ...... the Enterprise "J"??? Where was the Enterprise "J" seen?

Aaaahh, that's why it is important to follow up with the Star Trek Universe. The "J" was never really seen on the outside, but rather, from the inside. Its in the third season of Enterprise when Capt Archer was told of a war between the Federation and the Xindis when he was brought to the future, on board the Enterprise "J". Archer was told that this war should not have happened and was the result with someone tampering with history during his time.

Look at the "screen' in the background. There you have it, folks, the Enterprise "J".

And here are the designs derived from the above image how the Enterprise J looks like from outside.

Now I'm sure you have plenty of questions regarding this ship. I'm here to say that I'm the wrong person to ask as since I myself do not know much about her, except that she's huge, sleek and I'm sure she has a dandy crew equalling those of her predecessors.
It'll be great if we can see more of her and what she can do though. Nice ship.

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