Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Moebius Black Widow in 1/8 Scale, and the Avengers Version

Introduced in Iron Man 2 as a prelude to the coming Avengers movie in 2012, Scarlett Johanssen did a remarkable job portraying the Black Widow. She certainly has the looks for it, and I'm not just talking about her body. And her appearance in Iron Man 2 did make an impact for the movie. So it was truly good news when I heard Moebius was coming out with a 1/8 scale kit of Black Widow based on the movie.

It wasn't what I had expected as I had remembered Black Widow in the comics to be somewhat simpler, and her suit showing off every single contours of her body. Well, the character had to sell, right?

I'm not complaining about the new version. In fact, they had made her more realistic, and by having Scarlett portray her with that sultry look, the character really comes to focus. So how does the kit look like? Well, I don't have pictures of the kit's parts yet, but here is what you can expect.

More images after the jump.

Check out the assembly and artwork done for the kit. In essence, the pose is the same as the box art, and the suit do look like leather.

Now note that the pictures above were done by a professional, Yasutoshi Hase for Moebius, and that kit is a prototype kit based from the Iron Man movie. Let me be the first to admit that this is one very well built up kit with a fine paint job. And I'm sure you know it isn't easy painting faces, so I feel Hase-san did a very good job capturing Scarlett's appearance.

You can actually pre-order your kit from CultTVman Hobbyshop HERE. I suggest you do so to avoid being disappointed.

I've collected a few images here you can use as reference when the kit becomes available, and if you feel you have successfully captured her look, do drop me a mail with some images. I'd love to highlight your work here.

During my research for Black Widow, I managed to come across some images of her in the new Avenger's movie, or scenes from the pre-production set. Something different with her appearance there, like something has changed. Perhaps the suit looks different? Or the hair, they look shorter now. Or did Scarlett put on some weight around the hips? Hell, she still looks good.

Also curious to see what Thor and Captain America are up to here. Captain America looks really beat up though, and those guys in those weird suits looks ready to be replaced with CGIs.

And here's the cast for the coming movie, and their superhero persona.

Well, more highlight on the Moebius kit when I have some updates, and I am definitely going to watch this movie. I use to collect The Avengers comics during my youth, and as a fan, I'm hoping they can capture the essence of this team as potrayed in the comic book.

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