Sunday, September 4, 2011

Available Kits for the Ambassador Class Starship

There were quite a few kits made for the Ambassador Class Starships in Styrene Plastic (where she is more affordable and easier to work with), and most of these were primarily from ERTL/AMT, Platz and later AMT Round2. I'm sure there are resin kits made as well but for this highlight, we'll focuss on the styrene plastic kits.

Two scales were made available, the first being in 1/2500 scale which first came out with the Enterprise Set 2 and later under the Cadet Series on its own, and then the 1/1400 scale version. The 1/1400 scale even had the USS Yamaguchi version which was casted in transparent plastic for lighting.

Here's the 1/400 scale when she was launched.

And here's the 1/2500 scale version, when she first came out and her latest release. Much highlight have been given to this scale on the 1/2500 Enterprise set and the stand alone Cadet Series

Despite the grandeur of being able to own your very own Ambassador Class Starship, much care needs to be given to her accuracy, esp toward the shuttle bay which was the wrong design for the Enterprise C.

More images of fanstastic build ups after the jump.

There has been quite a few debate going on regarding the correct colours to use on the Enterprise C, and some of these has gone beyond debates. I for one always maintain that it is your kit, and the most important aspect for your build up is that you must be happy with it. So don't build her to please others, build her because you want to, and you want to add her into your own private fleet collection.

Having said that, let's take a look at the Yamaguchi 1/1400 scale kit. This kit is rare now and a little hard to find (but not impossible). Many were turned off by the transparent plastic since such plastic can be quite a challenge to work with. They crack easily unlike those conventional styrene plastics. Here's how the kit looks like and when she is build, courtesy of a review done by Stephen L. :

Here's Allen Ury's USS Enterprise C in 1/1400 scale from Fantastic Plastic.

And here's a build that I had been impressed with for a while now. Its done by a Erick Muñoz and I really love the detailing he had done on his. Here's a few shots from his build, and to see more images and read his review, just click on the link tied to his name.

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