Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steampunk? "Who are you calling a Punk??"

Steampunk, a radical concept with a vast following but to the uninitiated, mere mention of that word and you're going to get that response. But I'm sure a lot of you have heard of that phrase before. So what exactly is Steampunk?

I won't go into the specifics as I myself am trying to understand the concept, but it has something to the with the Victorian period (you know, those days where you dress up for no occasion, and your pinky needs to be extended out when you hold your cup of tea) plus rock and roll, and creative steam machines equals radical technological advancement in machinery development ..... OK, science fiction on drugs. And to ride along with this technology are curious characters that dresses up like they were caught between the Victorian period, a S&M Boutique shop, and the Borg during the 1920s. Don't laugh ... its cool ... in a Gothic sort of way.

So why are people so fascinated with steampunk. Well, I can't speak for everyone but to me, its how they use advance machinery to make it look simple and yet practical for everyday life, a cross between modern and the past that can't seem to make up its mind, a time when you make your own rules. Its fantasy at its simplest, science fiction at its basic, and it just looks damn cool.

Imagine if George Lucas was influenced with Steampunk, his Star Wars characters would have looked like these figurines:

And why did I bring up Steampunk into my blog?

Good question. Its to prepare you for some radical contents in the future, and I promise I won't talk about steampunk fashion, just those radical looking machineries. Yeah, I'm into those things cause they look way too cool when they are turned into model kits.

And I am referring to some of FishtenFoo's products, the latest being the Hornethopter. I'll get into some details with that one later. In the meantime .... here are some more images for a steampunks theme photo session .. well, you get the idea. 

And of course once in a while, one gets insprired into Steampunk culture.

Wooooo ..... nice. I'm a believer. If you really want to know more, check out this blog by GD Falksen on Steampunk 101. He pretty much nails the introduction.

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