Sunday, August 14, 2011

Darkmoonspirit take on JTGraphic's 1/48 Scale Razor Raider

You know, I am probably going to end up making Darkmoonspirit my resident scale modeler. I have already highlighted a few of his "out of this world" builds and he's still producing more amazing stuff each month. His recent achievement now entails the 1/48 scale Razor Raider Resin kit, superbly produced by JTGraphics.

And what is a Razor Raider? You can read all about it HERE and HERE, hence I'm not going to elaborate anything more on this Cylon ship here, but rather showcase what Darkmoonspirit has achieved with her. And this beautifully amazing build up now adds on to his already long list of beautiful creations. Presenting the Cylon Razor Raider triumphantly fly over a wrecked Battlestar Solaria ... or what's left of her.

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Firstly for those who haven't purchased their Bad Azz Razor Raider kit, here's how the basic raw kit looks like upon delivery.

Notice how detailed the parts already are? And how clean the casting and parts are presented? I can definitely attest to the high quality of JTGraphic's kits since I have a lot of his kits in my stash and most of them are already highlighted in this blog. I can also say so since I too have received my Razor Raider kit, with all the parts in mint condition and accounted for.

And yes, a cockpit for the three Cylon Centurions are also provided with the kit.

Unfortunately for Darkmoonspirit, his canopy piece came damaged. Mine came intact. I can only think of one culprit - the postal service. I have actually seen how packages gets treated during transit at the airport. Dreadful really, since one had to pay so much for shipping only to receive her like this. 

What's really amazing about this is how Darkmoonspirit was able to produce this masterpiece quite fast despite this little setback. I'm not sure if Darkmoonspirit ever requested for any replacement parts but I do know Jeff of JTGraphics quite well. He provides very excellent customer service.

Here are some random images of the greebles added unto the kit, and some creative scale modeling.

I love what he did with the guns. It looks simply stunning and the outcome looks so realistic. 

More greebles added on. Kit is really taking shape.

A very beautiful presentation of the engine exhaust section.

And a detailed cockpit to add more umph to the kit.

I'm pretty sure those Cylon Centurions there appreciate all those work.

And here's the kit before primer.

Size comparison with the original series Cylon Raider

Primer applied and ready to be painted.

Tadaaa!!! A Razor Raider ready for action. Noticed in the following images the canopy is whole again? Amazing work there.

Scratch building what's left of the Battlestar Solaria. She will serve as the base for the Razor Raider, as well as a unique platform to display a new Cylon fighter. Impressive.

Hell, even the base is detailed to the hilt. Check out all those damages on the hull.

Its truly an honour for me to be able to share Darkmoonspirit's work here. He is very skillful and inspiring, and its definitely going to take a while before I can even reach his skill level. He just makes this look all too easy.

Well done on yet another masterpiece. And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I look forward to your next project.

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