Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JT-Graphics 1/48 scale Cylon Razor Raider and 1/4105 scale Battlestar Pegasus from JTGraphics

Ok, its been a while since I was blogging diligently. I'm still on my Magnum PI Marathon until I got news of a few spectacular kits coming our way. Yup, this is going to be Heaven sent for all the New Battlestar Galactica Fans out there.

Its the Cylon Razor Raider in 1/48 scale and the Super Duper Secret kit Jeffrey Waclawski was working on. And anything from JT-Graphics, well, you can expect top notch quality, super detailed and highly accurate resin kits.

Referred to as the Razor Raider by BSG fans, this version of the classic Cylon Raider shows a more advanced model used against the Colonies during the Cylon Wars. The bulky and somewhat slow fighter craft most often became easy prey for the Colonial Viper fighter squadrons, and she was piloted by 3 Cylon Centurions. This Raider appeared first in the episode called "Flashback" and later on in the BSG Razor movie.

The kit has a wing span of 12.5" and is 10.5" long from nose to tail.

As for the Super Duper Secret kit Jeff was working on for the coming Wonderfest in the US, he told us this is going to be an awesome grail kit from JTGraphics. We were kept in the dark for over 2 months, anticipating and guessing away like crazy. His announcement was made via his Facebook and man, was I impressed.

It was the Battlestar Pegasus. He did already informed all of us much earlier about coming up with a Battlestar Pegasus kit coming out in scale with the Moebius and Timeslip's Galactica kit, in 1/4105 scale. The new Pegasus kit will measure  about the same length as the Monogram's Classic Galactica.

You can see the level of details on this kit, and its definitely a worhtwhile catch if you can get her among the first batch issued - when she's available. I'm definitely in for both these kits.

The Cylon Razor Raider is currently available at a special price for the moment and I was told the price will increase after Wonderfest. Don't wait too long to get yours. The Pegasus on the other hand will also be made available but at a later date. Wait for it guys ...


  1. I know these guys are working from the actual files from the show, but the surface detail on the Pegasus is insane!! It's like strafing the surface of the Deathstar!


  2. That's why both JT-Graphics and Timeslip Creations's resin kits are worth the money. The detailing and accuracy of their kits are simply mind boggling