Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aoshima's 1/2000 scale USS Enterprise D


HLJ has updated their site and indicated that this is not a plastic model kit that requires glue, assembly and paint. As a matter of fact, this is a ready build unit that comes with lights. I think there's going to be a few scale modelers that's going to be dissappointed with this news.
My original blog entry:
I accidentally stumbled onto this when I was browsing Hobby Link Japan's Site. I know that Bandai had produced some pretty neat Star Trek kits in the past, pre-painted parts and even included lighting. There were some inaccuracies with the Bandai kit but nothing big to shout about, hence the overall presentation was still quite acceptable for most Star Trek Fans.

So here comes Aoshima's foray into the Star Trek Realm. I have their Airwolf and Blue Thunder Helicopter kit, and looking at the quality and details on those kits, Aoshima's Enterprise D is definitely something worth looking into. Perhaps this new kit will have its own Photoetch set? According to the brief description given from HLJ and Hobby Search, this kit will indeed be a plastic model kit that requires assembly and paint, so its right up the alley for most scale modellers.

Retailing at 15,800 Yen (RM500 plus), this kit is not cheap for a 1/2000 scale representation of this famous Starship. Even Round 2's 1/1400 scale Clear Enterprise D only retailed at 9,800 Yen, bearing in mind that cost are inclusive of shipping charges from the US.

There isn't much news or reviews given on this new kit as yet, but at that price range, I do hope this kit comes with a magnificent level of details as compared against Round 2's kit, and I anticipate highly accurate parts and detailed decals ... well, one can hope. Judging from the images below, I am guessing this kit will come with its own lighting set. A few things I already like about Aoshima's Enterprise D, that cute "EL-BAZ" Shuttle Craft, and the neat display stand.


  1. This is 8 inches. With lights. But before I salve myself to Mr. Visa, I am interested to see how the neck lights up. More than that, I am very sure it comes with lights because warp pylons look thicker than usual. But just like the AMT kit, the warp coils (blue) are in two pieces and so you will see the join lines. Also, is that a light leak at the impulse engine at the Secondary Hull?

    But IMHO, its still a bit pricey....

  2. I already have the model which I collected earlier today. Its really beautiful and the lighting system is pretty impressive. Lighting system is way better than the lights of the Bandai models.. Here's my review of it >>>

  3. And here's a video I did to show the model right here at YouTube... >>>