Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Part 4 - Randy Cooper's Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) Resin Kit

Let me introduce to you someone who helped inspired me to get back at scale modeling. He's not the only one of course, there were others as well, but this guy really takes passion to a whole new level. To the ardent Sci Fi scale modeler fans out there, this man really do not need such an introduction, but to those outside of the USA, you may want to get to know this guy.

His name is Randy Cooper, scale modeler extraordinaire.

A long time ago I had browsed through one of his Imperial Star Destroyer creation, and I remembered feeling so overwhelmed by this guy's skills, talents, eye for details, how the heck did he do that, etc etc etc. I don't really know much about this guy except that he is the modern scale modeler version of Einstein. Yeah, I know, I'm putting too much praises onto this guy, but believe me, this guy is really remarkable. He basically creates from his heart, and almost everything he does comes out beautiful. Its something I had always wanted to emulate. He have a blog here which you may want to follow.

From what I have read, Randy Cooper's kits are of very high quality with details up the cahoots you'd need a friend to help close your jaw when you see one. There was only ONE unsatisfied customer that I know of but his complaint wasn't too much on the quality of his resin kits, but rather more on some warped (bend) parts. I didn't really follow through with that forum thread so I don't have the whole story here, but bear in mind, that's only ONE out of over a DOZEN compliments I have read, and from the numerous images of other people's build up of Randy's kits, well, the one thing that comes to my mind is that I can't afford them. They're really high end requiring a more professional skill level to handle - or at least that's how I rationale this whole thing after feeling intimidated by all those excellent work out there .. yeah .. lame, I know. *Blush*

OK, enough about Randy, lets check out his 37.5" Imperial Star Destroyer. The following are images I had saved from Randy's site and these should give you an idea just how magnificent his Avenger Star Destroyer is. Better prepare some tissues to wipe off your slobber.

You can check out more of his models over at his official site HERE, and from what I read, he does accept International Orders. Of course if you decide to purchase Randy's ISD Avenger, be prepared to fork out USD595 for this baby and that's not inclusive of shipping. Its definitely worth every penny as you will be working on 120 highly detailed resin parts and the kit when completed would measure an awesome 37.5" long, 24" wide, and 12" tall. Now ain't that something if you want to shock and awe your friends.

Check out some magnificent build-ups of Randy's ISD Avenger by these professionals. Images were obtained from and once again do click on their links if you want to see more and bigger images.

Here's one that's beautifully displayed by Paul Nyul

Another that's lighted up to show off her glory by Marce Terrones

And don't mess with the Empire by this fantastic build by Tim Ketzer

More to come later.

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  1. Any opinion on whether the Anigrand kit or the Cooper kit is better?

  2. In my opinion, Cooper's kit, then followed by Anigrand's.