Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part 3 - Anigrand Sci Fi Dynamics Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) Avenger Resin Kit

If you're looking for an Anigrand Sci Fi Dynamics 27" Imperial Star Destroyer, about the only place you can find these now are either through eBay, or the Market place at some of the Sci Fi Scale Modeling forums. I waited too long to get mine from Anigrand, a remarkable Garage Kit maker with its company based in Hong Kong. At that time, the kit cost about USD238 not inclusive of shipping, so I thought I'd wait a little to see if they would come up with a promotion. Boy, did I regret that move. The company got hit by a C&D Court Order (Cease and Decease) in 2010 courtesy of George Lucas's lawyers for infringing the copyright laws for Star Wars. Well, with the royalties and license cost, I doubt you can get this kit at USD238.

By coincidence, the legal action took place days before Fine Molds released their 1/144 scale Millennium Falcon kit, so a lot of fans all over the world assumed that this Japanese company had something to do with the C&D. Far for me to acknowledge this claim or deny it, but whatever the actual reason was, Anigrand did infringe on Star Wars' copyright. A real pity as this company was producing an awesome array of Star Wars kits that included the Lambda Shuttle and Medical Frigate among other, all highly detailed and beautifully casted.

So what is so remarkable about an Sci Fi Dynamics Anigrand kit? For starters, these kits are casted in very good quality resin, they're huge at 1/2256 scale (which puts her in scale with any other 1/2256 scale vessels like the Revell's Venator Class Cruiser)and the level of details can only be compared to those you find on the actual studio models. And as a bonus, most of their kits comes with additional extras, for example the ISD came with a 1/144 scale TIE Defender and TIE Clawcraft.

See for yourself the amount of details found on an Anigrand Resin kit.

Another nice thing about the Anigrand kit is that the instruction sheet are quite comprehensive as they chose to use photo images to illustrate what parts go where. From the numerous feedback I had observed, this kit do not have any fittings issue, and I have yet to hear of any complaints from anyone to date on the kits' quality.

The Sci Fi Dynamics Anigrand's ISD came with 82 resin cast and photoetch parts, measuring a span of 466mm (18.3") and 711mm (about 28") length. Since Anigrand no longer produces any of their Star Wars line, the link only shows her as discontinued, but you can still access Anigrand's Homepage to see the other goodies they have. But if you could get her, the packaging would be something like this, currently offered by elend at the Starship Modeler marketplace section (link works as of 20th April 2011 until such time item is sold or removed). If you're interested, send elend a private message (PM) and don't try to post any replies in that thread as the moderator has disallowed that function for the market place.

And here are some awesome build-ups from amazing scale modelers using the Anigrand ISD. Most of these images were obtained from Modelermagic's website, but the images here are scaled back. To view more and larger images of these ISDs in all their glory, kindly click on their links.

Here's a magnificent build up by DTSSYST

Here's one done by the master sculptor himself, Mr. Alfred Wong.

And here's a beautifully assembled ISD by CessnaDriver

More to come later.

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