Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The C21 Assault Ship aka The Dragon from Avatar

Coming soon from Fantastic Plastic is the much awaited Dragon, the massive hovering copter command ship that Quaritch used to attempt to quell the Navii uprising in Avatar. The C21 Dragon can serves as both a Military Transport as well as a Gunship, armed to the teeth with the ability to function in a vafriety of terrain, making her a formidable nemesis to contempt with. Equiped with four VTOL engines, it can also carry a variety of arsenals comprising of missiles, gatling canons, rockets, incendiary weapons and grenade launchers, and able to deploy a full load of armoured personels.

The craft is relatively slow to maneuver due to its size, sometimes making her look like a sitting duck. But with her arsenal of weapons and when she is escorted with a fleet of Scorpions and Samsoms, its near impossible to get a shot at her.

There are currently no plastic model kits made for the C21 Dragon and I have not seen any toys or die cast metal kit made of her to date. It is with this fact that when Fantastic Plastic releases her, it would officially mean the very first C21 Dragon released into the market.

The Resin kit is casted in 1/144 scale giving her an overall lenght of about 12 inches (30 cm). With 107 resin parts, this kit promises to deliver a level of assembly challenges equal to that of a similiar plastic model kit even for the average scale modeler. Having test fitted some of Fantastic Plastic's resin kits, I can attest to the easy fits and assembly, but to get her to look like the CGI model used in the movie, now that requires some effort, research and passion. Here are some images of a preliminary build up of the Dragon

The C21 Dragon is scheduled for an April 2011 Release. Do keep checking Fantastic Plastic's site HERE if you don't want to get left out. I'll do an indepth review the moment I receive mine.


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  1. Painting that behemoth looks like a migraine inducing exercise if anyone wants to use the third picture as a guide. Painting the individual parts first and adding minor touch-ups may be easier than assembling the whole kit first. I may be wrong though. Some effort, research and passion are needed but lots of patience is a must IMHO.