Friday, February 18, 2011

The USS Voyager - The Revell Kit and Studio Model Reference

The USS Voyager, an Intrepid Class Starship that we grew to love in Star Trek Voyager. I had built the Bandai kit but for some reason, the material used with the Bandai's kit was kind of .. rubbery? It is a pre-painted kit and though she's lighted, the bulbs used weren't that bright. Its like the Voyager was on some kind of power saving scheme. I also have a nice sized Monogram Voyager and thought she looks good enough out of the box, I haven't really researched her enough to determine if there are any after market upgrade parts for her.

Monogram's USS Voyager
The Revell USS Voyager kit

  • Highly detailed two-part Saucer-section
  • Many separate parts to attach such as Sensors, Manoeuvring Engines, front and rear Sensor Platforms
  • Separate Warp Nacelles
  • Flexible warp engine pylons
  • Many transparent parts including the Warp field Generators, Deflectors and Collectors
  • The Shuttle Bay can be constructed in the open or closed position
  • Display Stands
  • Easy to understand assembly instructions with suggestions for painting
  • Complete sheet of decals, including lifeboats and small warning markings
  • No. of parts 67
  • Length 514 mm (20") / 1.130 feet
  • Weight 750.000 tonnes

I missed out on the second reissue of the USS Voyager where I hear there were upgrades done, particularly to the shuttle bay area as well as clear parts for the deflector dish and warp nacelles. Still waiting on Starship Modeler to restock the kit, so in the meantime, here's some reference materials of the USS Voyager's studio filming model.

Now if only the kit gets restock soon. I've been waiting quite a while now. Here are some nice rendition from anne_david's site of their Voyager build using the Revell kit.


  1. Lovely ship - sleek and powerful looking. Didn't quite like some of the characters on the show though. Pity the Revell kit is not pre-painted. Would have been perfect for hobbyists who are not confident enough to dabble in painting a kit for fear of spoiling it. Sigh..........

  2. HI! You can check out my WIP of Voyager for my girlfriend at:


  3. Hi Dunari, thanks for the link but I can't see anything there except for images shack's frog. Apparently unless the site you highlighted your WIPs registers with image shack, some people are unable to view any images sourced from there.