Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming Summer 0f 2011 : E.T. Sequel

I grew up with E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, watching Drew Barrymore grow up through the movies, and I even once did an excellent art project drawing and painting E.T. That cute huggable alien we all grew to love was harmless, friendly and an inspiration to aspiring astronomers.

What else could you expect from a Steven Spielberg production. The show touched millions of hearts.

So when a sequel comes out in a form like this ........

ET Sequel: "ET-X" (Extended Trailer)

All I want to say is ... "What The Hell .......????? " Will the new movie win hearts over, or cause a mass opposite reaction like it did me? Guess we will have to wait and see

UPDATE : OK, just realised this is a nicely done ..... "What If". Thanks to Kertrats for the heads up. Did some checking and this show ain't happening - PHEWWWW!!!!! And yeah, I was tricked with this one .. very nicely done though


  1. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!! What the @#%*@??!!??? Please tell me this is some kind of April Fool joke launched early in February. This is taking apart what I loved about the original TOTALLY. From a heartwarming movie, they have given us this abomination. Obama (LMAO)??? Vampire aliens? Corny looking alien vessels? How the heck does Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and Drew Barrymore manage to keep a straight face? They must be pretty excellent actors to do that. This sorry excuse for a sequel is a combination of B-grade movie Mars Attack, Independence Day, Twilight and to top it off, you'd think the alien spaceship would have lasers, disruptors instead of flame throwers. From the touching gesture of two fingers touching in the original, we now have a whole bunch of aliens showing us the finger. This movie should be retitled Nightmare on Hollywood Street.

  2. Bruce and Ben... you're just playing along with the joke, right? Please tell me you didn't think the trailer was serious... it said the new movie would be in "View-Master 3D" for crying out loud! Great joke trailer, in my opinion. A lot of work went into it!

  3. Man, I hope it is a joke. ET with Fangs??? Still, if this is actually the sequel, its interesting to see fans reaction to it.