Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Enterprise Missing Link - The NX-01 Refit

Have anyone ever wondered how the Starship Enterprise we know today evolved from the US Aircraft Carrier to the Space Shuttle Enterprise, then to the XCV (first seen in Star Trek : The Motion Picture, as part of the images of all ships named Enterprise),

And then onto the NX-01 design which had more of the Akira Class shape and configuration,

And then suddenly a big jump to the current Constitution Class design we know and loved from the classic Trek?

Its like there is a missing link in the chain of the Enterprise's evolution tree. I had wondered about this when I first saw her design in "Enterprise" for the first time. I had hoped the show ran for another 3 seasons to explain this discrepancy but alas, it was cut short after season 4, just when the show got very interesting. Now thanks to information obtained from Drex files, another design had come up to make sense of this evolution mish-mash.

Introducing the NX-01 Refit

Its actually more of a upgrade if you ask me as this design really makes the NX-01 seductively beautiful. And to make this even sweeter, Starcraft has actually come up with a conversion resin kit to supplement the insatiable diet of fans worldwide. But before you purchase that conversion kit, you're going to need the Polar Lights 1/1000 NX01 kit first. Well .. it is a conversion kit.

Its like owning a miniature Starship whenever you look at the windows on her. Starcraft's NX-01 Conversion kit is available HERE while Polar Lights 1/1000 scale NX-01 is available HERE

Also managed to get some excellent images off Federations Models of a fully build version HERE



  1. While the NX-01 refit would explain the discrepancies, it still brings up the question as to whether it is fully sanctioned by Paramount Pictures and the Star Trek franchise? The art of the refit makes the NX-01 look really awesome compared to the Akira class. Somehow, I could never accept that Enterprise was an Akira class vessel. I grew up watching Capt. Christopher Pike as the first captain in a constitution class vessel. IMHO Star Trek producers tinkers too much with the original storyline and folklore. The series "Enterprise" threw out a lot of history (including the first signs of the Borg Collective) and made Archer and crew as pioneers in many events which were first attributed to Kirk and company. Grew up with and loved the original series. Even Enterprise's registry should NOT be NX-01. Pity it's a conversion kit. If it was a complete snap-together NX-01 refit kit, I would definitely place an order for it as it's looks way better than the original NX-01.

  2. I really like this new NX-01 conversion! A TV series should definitely be made with this NX-01 conversion. It could either be "Star Trek Enterprise" returning with season 5 or a whole new series with the NX-01 returning after the Enterpise E. Of course if it returns with it's design after the Enterprise E. It would be much more smaller, and it would have to be the NX-01 conversion style with a Warp 12 engine, double deflectors, much more maneuverable, both quantum shields and polarized hull plating and a smaller crew size! The reason for the return of the design after the Enterprise E could simple be because of the NX-01 Enterprises durability and mission success in the past. The show could be called "Star Trek NX-01" or "Star Trek Enerpise Unlimited"!

  3. This NX-01 conversion even looks fancier than all other Enterprises. I always thought The original NX-01 Enterprise looked as if it arrived after Voyager because of its sleek design! It just looks so much more cooler. And because it's so flat it seems to me that it should run much faster and smoother.

  4. If not a series, how about a movie showing the NX-01 getting a conversion for a new nission with Captain Archer and his original crew at the bridge! This movie will show what the NX-01 conversion can do!

  5. I dont think well get a series or movie but even a tv special 2 parter type thing would be GREAT!!