Friday, February 25, 2011

My Review of the 1/537 scale AMT Round 2 USS Reliant Kit

I actually received this kit a few days ago and boy, have I got a ton of excuses for not getting this review done on time. First, my cat gave birth, then I caught the flu cause I spent too much time outside in the heat taking care of the cat .. yadda yadda yadda ..... so after some heavy dosage of medication and snooze time, I'm feeling much better to get this done. So here's AMT Round 2 USS Reliant in 1/537 scale

What I plan to do with this review is to compare her with an earlier issue since Round 2 have done some retooling to this kit. Interesting to note that Round 2 has also released the Aztec decals for this kit and I'm waiting for Starship Modeler (SSM) to carry some stock before I order her.

First thing that is worth mentioning is the packaging. No more over sized flimsy box with 70% extra space inside. Round 2 actually provided a nice sturdy box and the parts fit inside snugly. Even the decals now come with wax paper protection.

On the left in the battered box is the earlier issue of the Reliant under the ERTL/AMT banner while on the right is the recent re-tooled issue of the same ship

Plastic Parts Comparison 

Kit came in six individual plastic packets. The sixth packet was still in the box when this picture was taken
On the left is the ERTL/AMT top saucer section
Notice the grooves and panel lines engraved on the ERTL/AMT kit? These are inaccurate and was removed for the Round 2's version
Side by side comparison. The new Round 2 version now has a smoother surface, and thicker plastic.
Bottom Saucer Section remains the same with the exception of Round 2's saucer having thicker plastic

Side panels are now smooth without those numerous grooves for windows and multiple panel lines that don't exist on the studio model. The earlier ERTL/AMT kit came with these

Warp nacelles remains the same

I did not see any further distinguishable differences on the other parts as compared to each other in the below images. Also noticed I didn't really check on the Impulse Engine and Hangar Bay housing but from the image below, there may be some difference there. Pity I've already kept the kits back deep in my stash to get a second look. Sorry

Transparent Parts

Transparent parts from the ERTL/AMT kit came with red tinted pieces for the impulse engine while round 2 remains clear

Close up of the tinted impulse engine pieces against Round 2's (on the left)


Both decals look almost similar but the new Round 2 has sharper and more colourful features. Then again perhaps its because these decals are new.

As mentioned earlier, Round 2 have also made available the Aztec Decals for the Reliant and they will be sold separately from the model kit. The decals are currently available HERE or you can wait for SSM to get some stock later.

A review on the fittings of parts will have to wait until I actually work on this kit. In the meantime, if you're looking for reference Studio Model of the Reliant (Miranda Class), they're available HERE and after market parts for the Hangar Bay is available HERE.

Do drop me some comments if there are more things to add on to this comparison. Thanks for looking.

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