Monday, February 7, 2011

Nürnberg 2011 Bilder Eichendorff II (Nurmberg Toy Show 2011)

New kits highlighted at the recent Nurmberg Toy Show reveals quite a few interesting stuff coming our wayy. Check out what's coming from Revell for both Star Wars and Star Trek. Some of these are seen for the first time at the Toy Show

And here's one that I will defintely be getting, a replica of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Carribean. Wonder if a miniature Captain Jack Sparrow is included.

For more images of what else that's coming, check out HERE and HERE

More images over at Great Models Webstore Facebook Gallery


  1. Forgotten how great the original Enterprise looks until I saw the display kit on you blog. By the way, any info on when it's available and are those figurines of Kirk and Spock available too? Love your blog. Keep up the GREAT work. Live long and prosper. QapLa!!!

  2. any idea where to buy the black pearl model and how much it will be? im hoping considerably cheaper than the wooden kits

  3. Hi BRG.UK, so far no news out on this kit. The moment I have any information, I will put it on the blog (I'm also waiting on this one)